Solving standard tasks of calculation of compound interest  (no guarantee for correctness - use at your own risk) assistance for solving tasks or testing the results of calculation of compound interest at school (class 10) - computation of initial capital, final capital, payment per period, interest rate, number of periods - also as an example of Javascript for a course in ‘computer science’

k(initial capital)

r(interest rate in %)

t(number of periods)

payment per period

A(final capital)

Method of payment of instalments:
in arrears(at the end of each period)
in advance(at the beginning of each period)
upon payment capital

Please note: Do not use spaces in the input fields! If you enter any 4 given values, clicking on the button underneath the remaining value will compute the one you are looking for. Results are rounded. Unusual initial values can cause wrong results! Because this site is free, no liability or compensation for anything relating to its use will be accepted.
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